GCSE successes for two mothers who opted to return to college

Zoeya Zahid
Zoeya Zahid
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A COLLEGE has hailed the performance of two of its students who returned to education after leaving school without qualifications.

Two Bradford mothers are setting their sights on the future after achieving GCSE success at the city’s college.

Zoeya Zahid, 27, had left school at 16 and was determined to come back to college as an adult to complete her education. She said: “When I was 16 I was one of those kids that didn’t pay attention and slammed off school, so I ended up with poor grades. I got to 18 and realised the error of my ways.”

She had attempted to come back to college on two separate occasions but each time she tried to complete her GCSEs she fell pregnant with her two daughters. “I always knew I wanted to go to university so I thought to myself, I’m not giving up. I’ve got my kids and I love bringing them up, but I thought I have to do something more for their future,” she said.

“I’ve come back and I’m on my way now I have my results. I can get into university – I can actually apply.” She achieved an A in English and a B in maths at Bradford College and now wants to continue into A-levels and university.

Mother-of-two Prabhjot Kaur decided to return to college to be able to help her children with their schoolwork and has never looked back. During her time at college she has also helped fellow students to revise

The 32-year-old achieved A*s in sociology and English, A grades in psychology and citizenship studies and B in media studies.

She said “One of the reasons I wanted to return to education was to help my children with their schoolwork so I thought I’d go back to refresh my knowledge. I want to make sure they have the best start in life and I also wanted to inspire my children to do well with their studies. Now they’re like, ‘Mummy we’ve got to get good grades too’.”

“I felt inadequate because I didn’t have any qualification. Gaining these results has made me feel far more confident.

“My family were really worried that I wouldn’t fit in because of my age. I was self-conscious for the first few days but everyone at Bradford College has made me feel so welcome. I’ve made some really good friends and the tutors were brilliant too.”