New App for school’s 350th anniversary

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A Yorkshire school has launched a pioneering app featuring films with artist David Hockney to help mark its 350th anniversary.

The interactive Bradford Grammar School Showcase app, which is thought to be the first of its kind in the UK, includes photo galleries, music and slides.

It features films made with Mr Hockney at his studio, showing previously unseen footage of pupils discussing the Bradford-born artist’s work with him.

Users of the app can also see a film with Adrian Moorhouse when he returned to the school to celebrate its pool being named after the Olympic gold medallist.

The footage is the start of a series of film clips to be made with eminent former pupils to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the school, which was first granted a Royal Charter by King Charles II in October 1662.

The next film to be made will be with business tycoon Sir Ken Morrison.

Bradford Grammar School marketing and development manager Marie Sugden said: “We think this is different to anything else out there because we cannot find another school that has created a standalone app in this way. There are one or two who have news feeds and galleries but nothing quite like ours. It is also a great way to demonstrate to people a much more realistic view of the school than can be gained from a paper brochure.”

The app was created by a Leeds-based company which contacted the school as one of its directors is a former pupil. It has been viewed across the globe from the USA to Mexico, Saudi Arabia and China.

Headmaster Kevin Riley said: “It is wonderful to hear that the app is being viewed worldwide. As we begin our 350th anniversary year it is exciting to see that we have retained the best of the educational traditions but are very forward thinking in the terms of our delivery.”