School stands by football ban to stop fighting

A school has banned kickabouts during Euro 2012
A school has banned kickabouts during Euro 2012
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A PRIMARY school headteacher has defended the decision to ban children from playing football during lunch breaks to stop pupils fighting.

The ban has been in place for a week either side of half-term at Hall Road Primary School in Hull.

Staff took the decision three weeks ago before the school broke up for the half-term, meaning pupils have not been able to play during the European Championships taking place in Poland and Ukraine.

Headteacher Caroline Holliday said pupils had been told the sport was banned until further notice during lunchtimes after a series of fall-outs which had started during games of football.

“We have stopped pupils bringing in their own footballs – this has often been the cause of the problems because there has been confusion over who the balls belong to – and we told the children that they cannot play football during the lunchbreak.” Ms Holliday said the children understood why the ban was introduced and had accepted it.

She also said staff had noticed older pupils taking better care of the younger children and enjoying other pastimes.

Pupils have still been able to play the sport for the school team and yesterday Hall Road celebrated success, winning an inter-schools football competition involving 30 teams from across Hull.

The school is, however, set to lift the ban next week to coincide with a special week of sporting activities.

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