York University students 'competed to see who would get most ambulance call-outs'

Students have been criticised for wasting NHS funds
Students have been criticised for wasting NHS funds
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Students have been blasted for wasting NHS funds by competing against each other to see who would get the most ambulance call-outs.

The University of York freshers are being investigated after images showed them posing by an "ambulance chart" in their flat.

Five students from one block have apparently already needed an ambulance in just the first nine days of term.

Student newspaper The Tab claimed one 999 call was made when an undergraduate needed root canal treatment after getting into a fight on a night out.

Another was said to have dislocated his shoulder after jumping from a 15ft wall.

Two housemates allegedly had their drinks spiked and needed to be taken to hospital.

It reported that the student who jumped "was surprised to find himself placed in a bed right next to another member of the house."

The University has called the students to disciplinary meeting.

A spokesman said: “We are deeply concerned by the behaviour highlighted in the report, especially at a time when the NHS and Ambulance Service is under severe pressure.

“We have launched an investigation and the students involved have been called to a disciplinary meeting.

"We will continue to work with our Colleges and the Students' Union to ensure all our students are reminded of their responsibilities on and off campus.

“We have a good relationship with partners across the city and initiatives include a river safety campaign and a NightSafe student volunteering project, all designed to alleviate pressure on the emergency services.

“The Students' Union also works closely with bars and clubs in the city encouraging responsible drinking.

"With the recent arrival of thousands of new students in York, the university has teamed up with other agencies to provide first aid in the city centre, transport to campus and assistance for those needing to recuperate from a night out.

"We want our students to enjoy their time at York but in a safe and considerate manner."

Their actions have sparked a torrent of online criticism including from Andrea, who posted: "Perhaps if the university suspended them and the NHS charged them, they would realise they aren't superior beings. Just because they have the privilege of being at university doesn't give them the right to be complete idiots."

Another, Marie Pritchard, said: "It costs the NHS £250 for every ambulance call out and hospital visit! What a waste of money."