Election 2015: How Twitter reacted on the last day of the General Election campaign.

A dog waits for its owner on a bench outside a polling station in the village of Hayton, near Pocklington, East Yorkshire.
A dog waits for its owner on a bench outside a polling station in the village of Hayton, near Pocklington, East Yorkshire.
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AS THE battle for control of Downing Street looked set to go down to the wire, two topics have been dominating discussion on social media.

Firstly that voting really does matters and secondly dogs at polling stations.

Pundits have predicted that this will be the closest election in years although Labour closing the gap in the last polls mean it really is neck and beck between the two main parties.

In such a close run race there was little sign of smug politicians taking to Twitter to predict success and most tweets were simply last ditch appeals for people’s votes.

Perhaps the surprise result tomorrow morning will not be who has the most votes but how many have bothered to turn out.

Pollsters say it could be higher than 70 per cent of the population which would be the highest in more than 20 years.

And some of the best tweets of the day were those simply urging people to take up their right to have their voice heard.

Jo Miller, the chief executive of Doncaster Council posted a photograph of suffragettes from the turn of the 20th century campaigning for the vote with the message: “Remembering the women who didn’t have a #Vote but fought to achieve the right. They fought , so we should use it.”

There were also appeals for young voters to ensure they played their part.

Writer and broadcaster Armando Ianucci wrote: “In 2010 80 per cent of over-65s voted but only 47 per cent of 18-24yr olds. So; protected pensions for elderly but tuition fees for students. Vote.”

However the star of the show so far has not been the politicians, the pundits or even the voters themselves. It has been dogs at polling stations.

In the age of social media - taking selfies at polling stations was inevitably the subject of many tweets - with one council even resorting to creating selfie spots outside to stop people breaking the law by taking photographs inside the polling station.

But the main election topic trending on Twitter this afternoon has been dogs at polling station.

It appeared to start when BBC Newsnight presenter Evan Davis asked last night if voters were allowed to take a dog with you into a polling station?

The answer was that you could but only if it is not causing a disturbance.

But it quickly became the topic of discussion throughout today and by the end of the afternoon social media was dominated with hundreds if not thousands of pictures of pets at the poll.

However maybe the final word should go to Eric Preston who bucked the trend this morning when he arrived with his pet lamb Beth at Sutton village hall.