Electronic monitoring speeds recovery and return to independent living

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among cases highlighted by health chiefs in North Yorkshire is June Smith who used telehealth when she developed problems last year.

Life had become a daily struggle, leaving the pensioner from Dunnington, near York, needing round-the-clock support from relatives and friends.

“I was constantly exhausted, even falling asleep when I was in the middle of doing things. I could hardly walk anywhere and couldn’t even manage a trip to the shops,” she said.

“I was always such an active person and liked to be out a lot so it really affected me. I couldn’t even walk to my car outside without feeling really ill.”

She was diagnosed with heart failure and offered telehealth to monitor her vital signs from home. Information about her blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and weight were sent electronically to a monitoring centre where any abnormal readings could be flagged up. After using telehealth for just a couple of weeks I began to better understand my condition and what activities I could and couldn’t do,” she said.

After three months of using the technology, her condition had improved so much she no longer needed it. “It helped me in so many ways, most of all with getting my independence back. I don’t know where I’d be today without it,” she added.