Emmerdale’s sad journey from farm to farce

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From: Brian Thurling, Keighley, West Yorkshire.

I AM 78 years of age and a true Yorkshireman born and bred. I began watching Emmerdale Farm from the very first episode and have continued to watch Emmerdale until last night.

I am sorry to have to say that the programme has gone steadily downhill over the last 12 months and has now reached the point where the storylines are completely beyond belief and acceptance.

In addition to the stupid and ludicrous storylines which we are expected to put up with, there is clearly now a regular unacceptable sexual bent which should not be present when the programme starts at 7pm – a time when young children will be watching.

Whoever is responsible for writing the scripts should be sacked with immediate effect. What was a lovely family programme and one which we all looked forward to watching every evening has now become an unacceptable farce.

I used to watch Coronation Street but gave up some three years ago. If your script writers are short of decent material, then give the programme a rest and then come back refreshed. To continue in the present vein will in my opinion result in disaster.

These problems did not occur when Emmerdale was sent out by Yorkshire TV.