Emotional Williams in tears over baby

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Chart star Robbie Williams had to fight back tears after being overcome with emotion as he discussed his responsibilities as a father during a radio interview.

The singer apparently choked up during the BBC Radio 4 special after talking about his daughter Teddy, admitting: “She’s difficult to talk about.”

Williams was performing at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios on Thursday as he talked about his career for the Mastertapes programme, which will be broadcast next month.

The 39-year-old said: “I worry about me, I’ve been a very selfish for a long time, I’ve indulged myself in every way possible and since I was 16, everyone has done everything for me, I didn’t have to lift a finger really.

“And then all of a sudden person comes into the world that I have to look after and be responsible for and I was terrified all the way through the pregnancy that I wasn’t going to be able to step up and be a father, the father that I want to be to her.

“And I sort of made this promise to her during that time of not being certain and it’s something that I dangled there as a carrot to myself that it’s the most important job I will do on the planet.”

Williams also told how when he walked out on Take That in the mid-1990s, he inexplicably took a pineapple as he left the meeting.

The star said he was “essentially having a breakdown” at the time.

“I actually grabbed a pineapple and said ‘can I take this?’” he said.

“And they laughed and I said ‘well this is it, I’m going you know, I’ll not coming back’ and they watched me as I walked out the door with a pineapple tucked under my arm.”