Engineer honoured for keeping patients safe

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An engineer has been recognised for his efforts in keeping a hospital caring for 50 elderly patients open through a serious power cut during the snow and ice of last winter.

Jon Burn, 33, from Ganton in North Yorkshire, battled for 14 hours to keep Malton Community Hospital’s generator working after a national grid power failure in December 2011 and has been awarded £15,000 for his efforts.

Mr Burn ensured essential medical equipment remained working, the lights remained on and the heating did not turn off – potentially saving lives and preventing unnecessary suffering for the patients.

Malton Hospital provides palliative care to vulnerable people, many of whom are in their 80s and 90s.

Mr Burn, who has worked for outsourcer MITIE for two and a half years, was recognised for his dedication in a company-wide award scheme, MITIE stars.

It recognises and rewards people who go above and beyond the call of duty in their everyday roles to provide excellent customer service.

Mr Burn said last night: “I was just doing my job. My priority was to make sure that everyone in the hospital remained safe.

“If my wife or either of my two young daughters were in hospital I would want someone to do the same for them.”

Another employee recognised was Iqbal Kasmani, a security officer, who defended a Network Rail office in Birmingham from a mob of 70, some armed with guns and knives, during last year’s riots.