Entente cordiale jets into the skies for crucial Nato exercise

British and French jets soared across the skies of North Yorkshire yesterday in preparation for one of the largest military training exercises in Europe.

Aircrew from RAF Leeming teamed up with their French counterparts ahead of Nato’s Exercise Joint Warrior, which starts next week and involves manoeuvres off Scotland’s coast.

The 100 Squadron flew in their Hawks beside the Alpha jets of 2/2 Cote D’Or Esquadron, based in Dijon, building on relationships formed when 100 Sqn deployed to the French city last year for Exercise Epias.

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While there, it quickly became apparent that the two units’ very similar roles and attitudes to missions would enable them to combine their skills and work together.

And because their aircraft share similar strengths, the two nationalities will be flying in fully mixed formations during Joint Warrior.

Armed forces from the UK, USA, Germany, Holland, France, Norway, Denmark and Canada will take part in the Nato exercise, which begins on Monday and lasts until April 26.

The war games and counter terrorism training are held twice a year, in spring and autumn.

Fishermen have been warned to expect their GPS systems to be jammed for periods during the major military exercise.