Entrepreneur hoping venture will produce a Snowball effect

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A digital marketing company is setting itself apart from competitors by pushing boundaries with technology.

Snowball Digital director David Frazier is dedicated to bringing advanced technology to his clients drive their business forward.

The business was one of the first to join Leeds Digital Hub when it opened this year.

While the company offers ‘bread-and-butter’ digital marketing services, it is built around a commitment to advanced techniques such as glasses-less 3D and robotics.

‘We’re passionate about enabling businesses to embrace new technology to make themselves stand out,’ Mr Frazier said.

Snowball Digital uses software and imaging techniques to convert displays to appear 3D to the viewer without the need for glasses, which has particular uses in retail.

Mr Frazier said: ‘If you place a screen with an image or animation that appears in 3D without glasses, it is proven to increase sales.’

While the technology has been available for around five years, few companies in the UK offer the conversion service.

Snowball Digital has already worked with big-name brands such as Citroen on 3D animations, despite some businesses shying away from the system.

‘It is difficult to sell new technology, because often people won’t embrace it, but I truly believe this can help businesses,’ Mr Frazier said.

The business is also branching into robots, which can be placed at the front of a shop or at an exhibition to greet and interact with people.

Mr Frazier admits the initial costs of such novel products has been a barrier for some businesses, despite prices reducing over time. But as the economy recovers, the tide is turning.

‘Often companies are afraid to commit to something other people haven’t done before, but it’s good to be different,’ he said.

‘Business has really gone up in the last 18 months. Companies are realising they need to do something to set themselves apart.’

Snowball Digital is targeting strong growth in the next two to three years. It is aiming to increase turnover around five-fold to over £1m in this period.

Clients to date include NG Bailey and English Heritage, as well as a number of educational institutions and charitable organisations.

Its Catchy Cartoons, which are created by illustrators and use animation and subtle communication techniques to describe products, are proving particularly popular.

Part of the company’s strategy is to work collaboratively in order to tap into the best talent.

Collaborative working was a main reason for Mr Frazier applying to use Leeds Digital Hub the home for his business.

‘It’s good to work in an environment with like-minded people,’ he said.

‘Leeds is the place to be in terms of business. It’s a growing area with huge developments like Trinity Leeds. You only have to look at the skyline to see the cranes and everything that’s being built.

‘Having something like this in Leeds is tapping into some of the best businesses around.’