Entrepreneur pupils get thousands to invest

YOUNG entrepreneurs walked away with thousands of pounds of investment for their business ideas after taking part in a Dragons' Den-style event at a Yorkshire school.

Pupils from Market Weighton School in the East Riding, Woodleigh Preparatory School and Sherburn School, both in North Yorkshire, secured thousands of pounds worth of backing after taking part in Lions' Lair.

The Market Weighton children were the most successful, gaining the full 2,500 they had sought for their company Six Star Products, which created a hand-crafted guitar stand.

Children from Woodleigh secured only half of the 5,000 they were seeking for a card game they invented which provides youngsters with an understanding of nutrition.

But the Lions felt too much risk was involved in pledging the 15,000 offer tabled for a stake in Proper Stopper, a device invented by the Sherburn children to prevent drinks being spiked.

The Lions who attended the event at Woodleigh included Michael Oughtred, of William Jackson's Ltd; UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom; Jane Himsworth, of Home Service Mail Order; product and brand manager Elaine Watson; and Simon Robertson, of Leoni's Coffee House.