Environment Agency told to ‘up game’ on eyesore drain

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Councillors are welcoming the beginning of work to clean up an eyesore land drain in Hull.

People have been infuriated by the state of the Beverley and Barmston Drain, with many contacting Lib Dem councillors Dave McCobb and Mike Ross to complain.

The Environment Agency has now started cutting weeds and removing rubbish in the drain starting at Lincoln Street and going upstream to Beverley.

Coun Dave McCobb said: “The ongoing maintenance is poor; there’s the build-up of green algae in the drain at the point where the bridges cross and litter lying on the surface of the drain sometimes for months at a time.

“Residents are very worried that is it isn’t properly maintained and there’s another flood then it won’t be able to take the water away.

“It’s also an important greenspace in the local area and if it is left looking a mess all the time that is not good for the local; environment.”

He added: “I am pleased they are doing some maintenance, but actually they need to up their game significantly to keep this in the condition residents expect it to be kept in.”

The Agency is using a long arm excavator for the work and will fish out trolleys, mattresses and other large items.

A spokeswoman said: “We understand there is a problem with litter and debris in parts, particularly Hall Road and Beckside and we are working with the council to look at alternative ways of preventing people getting access.” She said they would clear out anything deemed a flood risk but they couldn’t “go out and clear every single piece of litter in the drain.” The work should take around a month.