Aberdeen Angus reach the top after 26 years

Aberdeen Angus came back with a bang at this year’s show, winning the Yorkshire Post Cup for the best Beef Group Interbreed Competitions.

The breed took the very well-contested competition after a team impressed judges with their fine four offerings in the class.

It marks the first time the Aberdeen Angus has won the title in 26 years.

Keith Glympton, one of the exhibitors in the team, had travelled from Oxfordshire to the Great Yorkshire Showground for the competition and delivered an impressive first time win at the event.

Mr Glympton said: “We decided to come here because there is no Royal Show any more.

“We wanted to come last year, but their numbers were full already.

“It was a very strong field. We probably caught they eye of judges because of the maturity of the bull.

“It is a great award to win – Aberdeen Angus is a brand.”