Clearly British campaign: How to back our call for clearer dairy labelling

We want readers to help make our campaign a success.
We want readers to help make our campaign a success.
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IN ORDER to press home with one voice the need for the food industry to lead the way on clear dairy labels, we want you, our readers, to back our campaign.

There are many ways to send a message loud and clear to retailers processors, politicians and the wider spectrum of the food industry that the current confusion is handicapping the way we want to choose what we eat, whilst at the same time giving our dairy farmers encouragement for the future of their industry at a critical time.

Visit yorkshirepost.co.uk/farming where you can sign our petition asking retailers and processors to clearly label where their dairy produce is from.

Add your name so they can see how much consumers want to be able to easily support British farmers.

We also want you to challenge your local restaurants, hotels and cafes where their dairy labelling is unclear.

So we can illustrate poor practice, please send examples of confusing and unclear dairy product labels to: Ben Barnett, Editorial, The Yorkshire Post, 26 Whitehall Road, Leeds, LS12 1BE. Alternatively tweet images of bad dairy labelling to @benbthewriter using #cleardairylabels

By acting together with one voice we can spur on the food industry to act and help to make a difference to the future of British dairy farmers at this parlous time for their livelihoods.