Country Week: New moves to curb bovine TB plague

One of the weekly programmes from the Yorkshire Post
One of the weekly programmes from the Yorkshire Post
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Restrictions are to be placed on the movement of livestock throughout the country in a bid to stem the spread of the deadly bovine TB virus. Listen to informed debate, in our weekly programme for Yorkshire’s country communities.

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From January 1 the surveillance testing regime will be changed and stricter cattle movement controls will be imposed.

While most Yorkshire cattle farmers will see little change to their existing practices their dealings with farmers across the country will alter. Farmers in neighbouring Derbyshire will see increased testing introduced.

Also in the programme...

• The campaign to help Britain’s pig farmers during one of the most challenging periods in history has drawn the backing of the Prime Minister.

• We mark Countryside Live weekend.

Digital Editor David Behrens is joined in the studio by the Yorkshire Post’s agricultural correspondent, Mark Casci.

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