Goats cheese business is sold and relocated

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A buyer has been secured for goats cheese firm Yellinson after it was reluctantly put up for sale by its late founder Steve Akrigg, who died after a serious illness on Christmas Day.

Sharron and Ed Parker have acquired Yellison Farm Goats Cheese, striking a deal to take its goat herd, milking and cheese-making equipment from its former home at Carleton, near Skipton, a few miles down the Aire Valley to their Sire Bank Farm in Bradley, where they are now in production and fulfilling orders.

The business was established by Mr Akrigg in 2003 and his son Jonathan, 24, who was running the business with assistance from his partner Lucy Pollard, are helping the Parkers by familiarising them with all aspects of the operation following the takeover.

The milking parlour, dairy and cheese production unit have now been installed and the Parkers are milking 72 predominantly Saanen and Anglo Nubian goats.

They also have a billy goat, around 30 followers and 30 kids, among them some new additions since the herd arrived on their 40-acre hill farm at the end of February.

Mrs Parker said: “We are up and running and while it’s still early days and there’s still plenty of work to do we have retained all existing customers and are meeting current order requirements.”

Their farm specialises in Hereford-cross cattle, with a 30-strong herd of cows, raises Texel-cross-Mule sheep from 50 breeding ewes and has a flock of 200 Warren hybrid hens.