Harrogate residents say "the real antisocial issue is alcohol not cannabis"

Residents have had their say on the 'growing concern' of cannabis misuse in Harrogate town centre.


At a meeting with the Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police, Harrogate Borough Councillors raised concerns over the policing of ‘young people’ smoking cannabis.

But residents have responded to the news, claiming the real problem behind antisocial behaviour is alcohol.

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Contacting the Harrogate Advertiser, reader Jools Carling said: “How many people do you read about falling out of places stoned and fighting, sticking glasses in peoples faces, stabbing people. You don’t.

“The real antisocial and damaging vice is alcohol and I defy anyone to find any statistics to the contrary.

“Just wait outside the police station this coming weekend with a tally book and see.

“I understand the concerns that all parents have regarding the misuse of drugs but perhaps if there was a more informed and adult engagement with our youth the enigma would be dispelled.”

Other readers also had their say on the ‘Advertiser Facebook page, and some blamed a lack of activities for young people in the town as a reason for turning to drugs.

Anna Attenam-Krats said: “Increased investments in projects for young people please. It must be hard to entertain and develop yourself when the entire town appears to be a giant consortium of restaurant chains.”

But others argued there were plenty of opportunities for younger generations.

Richard Pearson said: “I don’t understand the comments about the need to invest in facilities and projects for young people and that the apparent lack thereof is some kind of justification for sitting around smoking cannabis.

“Harrogate is packed with affordable opportunities: sports for all ages in cricket, rugby, tennis and football; the Stray; youth clubs; church groups; the library; endless.

“I had am amazing childhood in Harrogate. It’s not hard to make your own fun with what’s available.”

Carolyn Wildgoose added: “If kids are incapable of finding or creating their own legal social activities, then they’re not likely to be bothered to use those that are or may be provided!

“To suggest a direct correlation between smoking weed and a lack of facilities is just another misguided characteristic of our ‘everything on a cotton wool plate’ era.

“Legalise don’t demonise: then those who could use it for medical rather than recreational purposes wouldn’t be criminalised.”