Horses rescuers to be given special recognition

Fly grazing in leaving animal welfare charities to rehome abandoned animals.
Fly grazing in leaving animal welfare charities to rehome abandoned animals.
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Special classes for rescued horses are being included in the running order at a North Yorkshire agricultural show tomorrow for the first time.

Some 30 entries have been registed for the competition which has been arranged by the show’s organisers as a way of recognising the kind hearted souls who have rehomed rescue horses that may otherwise have been put down.

The York area is one of a number of horse fly grazing hotspots in the county - the practice of horses being left to graze on private or public land without permission by the animals’ owners.

The National Farmers’ Union has been pressing for government to make it a criminal offence and York Outer MP Julian Sturdy has launched a private members bill in the House of Commons to press for new legislation to tackle the menace more efficiently.

These animals often end up in the care of charities such as the RSPCA, Redwings and Blue Cross who work to find them a new home.

Cooper Wilson Equine Support is also involved in the rehoming of abandoned horses from all over the country, and some of the animals that have been offered a second chance by people who have approached these organisations are showing their horses in special in-hand and ridden classes at Huby and Sutton Show tomorrow afternoon.

Sally Bunce, who volunteers for Cooper Wilson and has fostered 11 horses herself, said: “These special classes are purely a way of saying thank you to the people who rehome these horses, because a lot these animals will never be suitable for other show classes.”

Huby and Sutton Show is held tomorrow at Sutton Park, York, starting at 9am.