"I lost everything I've ever owned in an hour": Devastated Yorkshire woman speaks of her horror after home is destroyed by floods

A woman whose home was destroyed by the North Yorkshire floods has spoken of the afternoon she lost everything.

Charlie Pasiut's home in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, was destroyed by floods on Tuesday

Charlie Pasiut was at work when she had to rush home as her bungalow in Leyburn was flooded on Tuesday.

The 30-year-old had to rescue her pets from drowning as water seeped in destroying everything she owned in just minutes.

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"I am devastated", she said. "Everything is gone."

Charlie Pasiut's home in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, was destroyed by floods on Tuesday

"I was at work and got a call. I raced to get home but all the roads were flooded. The hills weren't green anymore - the water was just pouring down the sides.

"It took me an hour to get home in what is normally a 15-minute journey, and I found it all under water."

Charlie rushed inside to find water everywhere and her two dogs Brambles and Coco were drowning in their crates, while her cat Mia was trapped underneath a bed. Mercifully, they were all saved in time.

In a further turn of misfortune, Charlie's home is uninsured as a recent spell of ill health and a family bereavement meant she hadn't got round to sorting insurance.

Charlie, left, with sister Nikki, who has set up a GoFundMe page to raise cash for her after her home was destroyed in floods

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Now her sister Nikki has launched a Crowdfunder appeal to raise £5,000 to help her rebuild her life.

"I've just had to pay £300 for a skip to throw all my belongings in", she added. "It's all ruined and it's overflowing but I can't even afford to hire a new one.

"I have got nothing. No bed, no mattress, no shoes or clothes. Things I've had for years from my childhood were just taken in an hour. I've literally just got my animals and my car."

Charlie Pasiut's home in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, was destroyed by floods on Tuesday

Charlie, who is an occupational health nurse with the Ministry of Defence at Catterick Garrison, has been living with her mother in nearby Bedale.

"Everyone's generosity has been amazing. My mum and my boss have been so helpful.

"Even the local fish and chip shop have given me free fish and chips, and my neighbours have been bringing cake and hot water for drinks."

It's estimated the bungalow, which is rented, may take around eight months to sort as it is currently uninhabitable due to severe flooding damage and being clogged with sewage.

She added: "I've got nowhere to live - the council offered me a room but it's in a halfway house and I have my pets."

The Crowdfunder to help Charlie has so far raised more than £1,600. You can donate to the fundraiser on the page here.

"I'm overwhelmed by every donation", she added. "I know even £5 is a lot of money for some people, it really does mean so much."