Killer Asian hornets set to descend on England - here’s everything you need to know

Killer Asian hornets are set to descend upon the UK this spring as temperatures soar to record levels.

An Asian hornet identification guide provided by experts.
An Asian hornet identification guide provided by experts.

The breed can reportedly chew through protective clothing and their stings can send a person into anaphylactic shock.

Nests have been found in tourist hotspots New Alresford and Brockenhurst in Hampshire’s New Forest.

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Christine McClellan, of the Isle of Wight Beekeeping Association, told the Daily Star, “It is vital that we increase the urgent awareness to this impending disaster."

Asian hornets need to be reported when sighted

What to do if you spot an Asian hornet

Experts have said that the best way to avoid being attacked by Asian hornets is to crouch low to the ground.

The British Beekeeper’s Association has plans in place for the monitoring of Asian hornets, which are known to eat bees and therefore also pose a serious ecological threat.

It says that it is highly important that every sighting of the breed is reported. This can be done by taking a photo with the Asian Hornet app on your phone.

Dorset beekeeper’s association have written on their website, “As anybody else we should care because the Asian Hornet does not just eat honey bees.

“The Asian Hornet eats many types of insects and those insects are the pollinators of our flowers. A serious invasion by the Asian Hornet could have a serious effect on our environment.”

The hornets are expected to come in larger numbers as the UK looks set to bask in 26C temperatures this spring.

The three-month heatwave has bookies slashing their odds for the hottest spring since records began.