Lowdown on wool for sheep farmers at show

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New entrants to sheep farming with questions about their wool are being encouraged to speak to British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB) representatives at this year’s Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate.

The board’s chairman, Malcolm Corbett, said: “These new entrants are the future of our industry and BWMB is keen to encourage them wherever possible.

“We are actively working on a new entrants’ scheme, so want to ensure we hear from as many new entrants as possible this season. Like existing producers, new entrants to sheep farming have much to gain by marketing their wool through the BWMB’s competitive auction system which helps maximise the true value of their wool.”

For any new entrants unable to attend the Great Yorkshire Show, which takes place on Tuesday, July 9 to Thursday, July 11, a specific email address, newentrants@britishwool.org.uk, has been set up for producers to contact the BWMB,

Gareth Jones, the BWMB’s producer communications manager, said: “Our intention is to engage with potential ‘young’ producers and discuss ideas on what would benefit them if a scheme was introduced. We’ll also discuss any potential ideas with stakeholder groups.”

The BWMB stand at the event will be located in the same tent as the show’s fleece competition and a number of BWMB staff and board members will be on hand throughout the three days to discuss the current wool market with sheep producers.

Visitors attending the Great Yorkshire Show will have the opportunity to learn how BWMB operates at each level of the wool supply chain. The board’s stand will feature examples of the BWMB’s work from wool harvesting to grading fleeces and onward to the sale of wool to processors and manufacturers and the promotion of British wool.