New wool depot opens on North Yorkshire farm

FARMERS IN Richmond have agreed to open a new depot on their land to serve the British Wool Marketing Board.

Ernest Bainbridge on his farm near Richmond.

Sheep farmers and brothers Ernest, Syd and Andrew Bainbridge will host an intermediate depot (ID) at Marrick Abbey where local producers can directly supply wool before it is compacted and delivered to the board’s North of England Wools (NOEWs) grading depot in Bradford for sale at auction.

The brothers have been hauliers, serving the Bradford depot for 16 years.

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Chris Rowan, depot manager at NOEWs, said: “As a depot we handle approximately 5.6million kilos of wool from over 9,000 producers. It is therefore essential we continue to provide our producers with a high level of service and the ID structure is an effective and efficient way of achieving this.

“Working together with Ernest, we identified Richmond and North Yorkshire as an area where producers would benefit from the establishment of a new ID.”

The wool marketing board was this week hosting a delegation of Chinese wool industry representatives, with exports to British wool to China now accounting for about 30 per cent of the board’s auction sales.

Gareth Jones, the board’s producer communications manager, said: “The benefit of the ID structure is that it provides producers with an important service locally to deliver their wool - there is also the added benefit of no additional charge for producers who deliver their wool to their authorised Grading Depot or ID.”

Producers wishing to make arrangements to deliver their wool can contact Ernest Bainbridge on 07772 623119 or Syd Bainbridge on 07751 181932 07815 541732.