Political move presses for ban of sky lanterns

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A cross-party coalition of MPs is being sought to press the case for a ban on sky lanterns.

The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) and Julian Sturdy, Conservative MP for Outer York, are working together in an attempt to secure a new Parliamentary debate on a ban.

A debate, they say, would allow other MPs to voice their concerns, and help form a cross-party coalition.

The CLA has been campaigning for the sale and release of sky lanterns to be banned for almost two years, while Mr Sturdy has previously called on the Government to consider a ban.

Nicola Currie, the CLA’s Eastern regional director, said: “A report published last year on behalf of Defra that investigated the impact of sky lanterns on livestock and the environment estimated that between three and eight million sky lanterns are sold each year in the UK. With such a large amount of lanterns being purchased, and ultimately released, it is extremely likely the number of serious incidents caused by these flying bonfires is going to increase substantially unless legislation is put in place.”

Mr Sturdy said: “The CLA and I are in agreement that the best way forward is to secure a debate on the matter in Parliament.”

The MP added that he was pleased that Tesco and Poundland had withdrawn such products from their shelves.