Protesters fight plans for ‘beagle factory’

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DemONSTRATORS will gather in Beverley this weekend in protest at a renewed bid to build a “beagle factory” in East Yorkshire.

US-based Marshall Farms was refused planning permission by the East Riding Council in June to double the size of a facility used previously for breeding beagles in Grimston, but the firm has now appealed the decision.

The application sparked thousands of objections, including some from campaigners in Italy who had protested successfully against Marshall’s plans to expand its site in the town of Montichiari.

The application was refused because of problems with access along a narrow country lane, but the company is proposing altering the layby arrangements.

Those against testing animals say it is unacceptable and unnecessary, and cite the dogs’ “tragic, brief lives”. Demonstrators will be gathering signatures outside County Hall at 1pm on Saturday, ahead of the September 5 deadline for objections to be lodged with the Planning Inspectorate. The appeal will be decided by an exchange of written statements by the parties and a site visit by a Government inspector.

Those who are pro-testing say new drugs must be tested on animals before being used on humans. According to Understanding Animal Research, dogs are important in the study of heart disease and in the safety testing of medicines and in the past have been key to developing insulin for people with diabetes, the heart-lung machine and anti-rejection medicines.