Scarborough bay ‘too dirty’ to swim in due to faeces and sewage

Scarborough South Bay
Scarborough South Bay

The sea in one of Scarborough’s two bays has been deemed ‘too dirty’ for the third successive year.

The South Bay at the popular holiday destination is one of just 10 beaches in England to receive a ‘poor’ rating from  the Environment Agency.

In a statement the Environment Agency says: “The bathing water is subject to short term pollution caused when heavy rainfall washes faecal material into the sea from livestock, sewage and urban drainage, via rivers and streams.

“At this site the risk of encountering reduced water quality increases after rainfall and typically returns to normal after 1-3 days."

The agency added that it is committed to working hard with Yorkshire Water, the local council and businesses to improve the quality of water in the South Bay.

There was better news for other popular  beaches in the North Yorkshire area, which were all given a clean bill of health Cayton Bay, Runswick Bay and Whitby were all classed as 'excellent', the highest standard score available in the tests.

Filey, Reighton, Robin Hood's Bay, Sandsend and Scarborough North Bay all achieved 'good results'.