The scenery’s great, but Yorkshire folk don’t like to walk far

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A walk lasting more than 20 minutes is just too long for nearly half of people in the region to consider when planning a journey, according to a new survey.

Forty-two per cent of those who responded to a YouGov survey in Yorkshire and Humber conceded that they would rather not walk for that long. Despite having the luxury of the Dales and North York Moors on their doorsteps, the findings suggest that the region’s residents are the laziest walkers in the country.

The survey, commissioned by the Ramblers organisation to mark the start of its short walks festival today, also found that 28 per cent of Yorkshire folk are only walking an average of an hour or less per week.

In light of the findings, Ramblers is calling for people to park their cars and get out more on foot.

Benedict Southworth, the group’s chief executive, said: “Walking is such an easy way for people to meet the recommended guidelines of getting 150 minutes of exercise per week, so it’s really worrying that inactivity levels are so high.

“During [our] Get Walking Week we are asking people in Yorkshire and the Humber to think about how they can walk more. Making short journeys on foot is an easy way to incorporate physical activity into everyday life - rather than automatically jumping in the car or on the bus, use your feet instead. To help people take their first steps we are offering hundreds of free short walks during Get Walking Week.”

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