Time is right to save on heating bill

Charities say fuel poverty is a growing concern in rural areas.
Charities say fuel poverty is a growing concern in rural areas.
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Rural householders who rely on heating oil are being advised to stock up now before prices rise as the weather turns.

Some 36 per cent of homes in rural areas are not connected to the gas grid because of their isolated locations leaving many residents relying on heating oil to stay warm in the colder months.

Leah Swain, chief officer of Rural Action Yorkshire, which is encouraging rural householders to adopt its tips to save money, said: “It’s especially important to get your oil order placed early if you live in a remote, rural part of the county. Deliveries can get disrupted or delayed if a severe cold snap sets in and without fuel a cold house can quickly impact on your health.”

The charity is a member of the Action with the Communities in Rural England (ACRE) network.

Janice Banks, ACRE’s chief executive, said: “In times of high demand, prices can increase rapidly, leaving the most vulnerable unable to afford to adequately heat their homes. Such factors can eventually lead to fuel poverty, a growing concern in rural areas.”

Rural Action Yorkshire also recommends that when buying heating oil, residents should only deal with bona fide distributors who adhere to the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers’ code of practice and to save money it recommends joining a local oil buying group as this reduces delivery expenses.

For help finding a local oil buying group, call the charity on 0845 313 0270. More tips are available on its website.