Wold Diary: New friends as sale season gets underway beneath the spires

ONE OF the wonderful things about Yorkshire, and the Wolds in particular is the abundance, beauty and magnificence of the places of worship.

Sheriff Hutton castle stands proudly above the village.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen so many stunning churches and cathedrals that it makes me realize just how important faith is, and has been, to folk here now and in the past.

This week I again had a very busy 24 hours when I went first to talk on an afternoon to the Stroke Club at Driffield. They were a really friendly and pleasant group and I so enjoyed their company. Having finished there I went on to Bridlington where I was due to speak to the Priory Ladies group, at Bridlington Priory centre.

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To say the main church is impressive is almost an understatement. Having had a very pleasant evening with a great group of ladies, I got home, while it was still light, and even walked the dogs in daylight before retiring to bed.

The next evening I went to speak to the Soroptomists at the very practical and fine newly built church hall behind a wonderful church, St Wilfrid’s at Brayton, a pleasant village just south of Selby.

I used to be a Soroptomist, many years ago and know that they are a wonderful international organization that does a great deal of good for many people. It was one of those happy evenings with almost balmy weather, good company and pleasant surroundings. I think the talk went well and I felt very at peace with the world on my return journey.

Now that summer is finally here I delight in seeing all the wonders of nature that come with it. The marguerites, the lovely huge daisies, make a fabulous display on banks and gardens. They are interspersed by mallow, and even Californian Poppies, not to mention a myriad of wild flowers that adorn our world.

The bees seem quite prolific this year, especially bumble bees which I love. My elderflower tree is in bloom and so are several honeysuckle that are part of the hedge round my garden. The dog roses are there too and they are pretty if a little prickly.

My little terrier Brillo had to go to the vet because she’d picked a fight with one of my other dogs and got bitten, but the antibiotics and cream the vet prescribed have helped her make a recovery. All the dogs have had some pleasant walks this week, but Looroll, the Doberman/Sharpie cross doesn’t do water or rain and turns tail and heads for home if there is even a drop of rain.

It seems to be the season for car boot sales. I mentioned I was intending to go to one after an invitation to do so, and was immediately informed of two others. The first was at the church of St Catherine at nearby Barmby Moor. There were some fantastic items at knock down prices and I needed two trips to the car with my purchases. Then I popped in to a car club do at our local town green where I found a stall from the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, which is based not far from Pocklington.

Then I drove up to Sheriff Hutton. I’d been told it had an impressive castle and arrived very early, as I had also been told it had a great pub. Both things were true. It was raining, so I had a sandwich and a coffee before having a look round this immaculately kept village, which has a very interesting variety of architectural styles for the houses. The castle is not open to the public except by prior appointment but it is now on my list for the future. It looks very fine if a little collapsed in some places.

The jumble sale at the village hall was a very different affair to that morning’s. A massive queue awaited the opening and as I waited I got chatting to the ladies around me, and discovered we had a lot in common. They were a great group.

Obviously though I am not sufficiently experienced in the art of getting the best from jumble sales. I was pushed, trodden on, and elbowed by some people in their frantic attempt to get something very cheap. The sale was in aid of The York Blind and Partially Sighted Society. I found some good items, and then had a pleasant cuppa with my new found friends.