Wolds Diary: A sunset worth stopping for

Sue Woodcock enjoyed another busy week.
Sue Woodcock enjoyed another busy week.
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Another glorious week, when the sun has been shining, the temperature warm and the countryside beautiful. I have been tackling various bits of the garden and to my delight found a splendid bright yellow frog in the long grass. I made sure to put it in the safety of an area that the dogs cannot get to.

The butterflies are abundant in my garden, as are the bees and bumblebees. Unfortunately, there have also been a few wasps around. No sooner have I mown the lawns that they need doing again.

On the Monday, I took the dogs for a walk, early in the morning before it got too hot, and they settled down for the rest of the day, at least that’s what I thought. I took my old dog Fair to the vet for a check-up and she had bloods samples taken to see if she was healthy.

In the evening, I went to a rehearsal for the Pocklington Singers concert on July 6 at the church. We’re singing Brahms Requiem, a challenging but wonderful work. After, as is the habit of some of us, we went for refreshment and a chat to a hostelry, and I got back about 11pm. When I went to check my bedroom, I found I had forgotten to put away a large bag of smoky bacon crisps and a pack of cooked cocktail sausages. Needless to say, there were no edible remains, just shredded packaging.

I spent most of the next day mowing my lawn and weeding, before I headed off to Carlton, to the church hall there to give a second talk to the WI. I arrived early and had a peaceful half hour reading before the ladies arrived. I was asked to judge a little competition, of model dogs that members had brought in. There were some wonderful pieces and it was a difficult task. The talk went very well except for the interruption of local teenagers rushing in, making a noise and rushing out again. This happened last time I was there too. I think my comment was that maybe they needed more homework to do.

I gave into temptation and had a piece of cake with my tea afterwards - delicious - and on the drive back there was a stunning red sunset, which was so beautiful I pulled over for a few minutes to watch it.

Thursday was great. I needed to go to my dentist in Grassington, and a friend had offered to accompany me. As we drove over to the Dales, we went through Knaresborough and then Pateley Bridge. It is a spectacular route even in bad weather, and we could see for miles and miles as we looked over Nidderdale.

In Grassington, we had time to head up to Yarnbury and I showed her where I’d lived. I’d earlier told her of Kilnsey Crag and took her to see it after a cup of tea and a cake at the café there. We went back via Kettlewell and stopped in Conistone, and I showed her the wonderful footpath up to Conistone Dib.

I drove home through Ilkley and the only problem was the almost perpetual traffic jam at Harewood, but as usual there was the sight of a Kyrie of Kites to calm us as we drove slowly in the traffic.