Wolds Diary: Ever-changing vistas during a week of high demand

It has been a very busy week. On the Monday I went and gave a talk to the Bridlington Horticultural Society at Bridlington Library.

The melting snow has stimulated the snowdrops to appear everywhere.

I went over to Scarborough that afternoon and helped my friend try to find some items she’d mislaid. This involved searching quite a lot of her house and she has a lot of very fine things, which I admired.

I admired some so much that she let me rehome some koala bear toys she’d kept in a drawer for years. I know I said I didn’t want any more teddies but these were cute and small and needing love and attention. We didn’t find what we were looking for but it was very interesting.

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Then I drove to Bridlington and eventually found the library, and somewhere not far away to park, and they were a lovely group. I entered the prize draw there and was lucky enough to win some pink hyacinth plants which are already showing vigorous growth.

I took a trip to Driffield one day. I needed to get to my bank and it was market day in Pocklington and I would have found parking a problem. As I was about to set off for the bus I thought to check I had my bus pass. It was a good thing I did as I couldn’t find it anywhere, despite searching frantically. I have obviously put it in such a safe place that I shall never find it!

I took the next bus and enjoyed the trip and did some shopping and got some very nice goodies. I later had to admit to the wonderful lady at East Riding Council offices that I’d lost the pass and she sent me another. They’re so helpful there.

That evening I went to talk to the Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association at Wilberfoss, where there’s a very pleasant community centre. They too were great fun and I enjoyed their company. I was invited to go to their craft group and teach them to spin wool - I may just do so.

The following afternoon I was speaking to the Friendship group at St John’s Methodist Chapel at Market Weighton. I arrived early and took myself off to the wonderful Charity Community shop nearby and purchased a roll of brand new flooring at a knockdown price. Having loaded this into my car I went to the chapel and they were so welcoming. I met many like-minded people there and enjoyed that too. We sang a couple of hymns and bless them, when I gave my talk, they laughed a lot.

The next day, I fitted the vinyl flooring. I’m no expert but my bathroom looks much better. The old cork flooring looked distinctly tacky.

Having been so pleased I had an unusual desire to do housework. I even cleaned the kitchen. It was great while it lasted but all good things come to an end. My study and utility room will just have to wait!

I’d not neglected the dogs. We went for some chilly but exhilarating walks and as I have driven round I have seen how spring is on the brink of arriving. I always find the Wolds beautiful and even in the mist the trees loom up as you approach, presenting an ever-changing vista.

There are still a few remnants of snow up on the tops. It seems as if the snow melting has stimulated the snowdrops to appear, everywhere, and in glorious profusion. White carpets line the tracks and roads and in my garden the crocus are already in flower.

I went to Driffield again on the Saturday morning to meet with friends and join in an activity with them. I spent a couple of hours in the afternoon generally tidying up the back garden.

On the Sunday, after going to church, I went to Londesborough Park where the grounds were open. The snowdrops there were utterly wonderful and I enjoyed the hour or so I spent wandering round. It was well attended and the roads in the village were lined with cars.

I had been told that the refreshments served at the reading rooms in the village were well worth sampling so I had a very indulgent plate of cake and a welcome coffee.

I purchased some snowdrops at a stall there too. I even planted them in my garden the moment I got home!