Wolds Diary: Footprints in the snow

Walking through the Wolds means snow adventures for Sue Woodcock.
Walking through the Wolds means snow adventures for Sue Woodcock.
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The snow came back, so I walked into town to a rehearsal on Monday night. Considering the weather the turnout was a credit to our leader.

A group of us socialize at an hostelry afterwards and because I was not driving I could have a decent drink. It made a pleasant change, especially as I was given a lift home afterwards.

Even though the weather has been cold and snowy I still managed to get out with the dogs. On one day I took them up to a walk I occasionally use above Givendale, where there is a pleasant path through woods and then a huge field where the field edge is set aside and the dogs can really run. While they are racing around I can look out over the huge expanse of the Vale of York. The day was crisp and clear and it is quite remarkable just how far you can see in distinct detail. The cooling towers at Drax were as clear as day with a white column of smoke rising into the chilly blue sky. In the very far distance you can make out the uplands where the Dales begin and in another direction I could see the tower of York Minster standing proud above the city. At such times I glory in the wonders of our county. I have seen many spectacular parts of the world and Yorkshire beats them all! On the way home with happy, grubby and tired dogs in the back of the car we called in at our local farm shop where I purchased some pate to dose the cat with and a fish pie, which, when I ate it later was superb and I shall return and get more.

There was snow up on the Wolds but most of it had thawed on lower ground. On another day I took the dogs up higher and while they ran, rolled, and generally enjoyed themselves I noticed that no one had walked that way since the last snowfall, and the tracks of animals and birds told an interesting tale. In one place the rabbit tracks gave evidence of a sudden rapid rush for safety and close by I saw the pug marks of a fox, quite a large one. In another place by a small copse I discovered more tracks this time of a badger, although there was no sign of a sett nearby. Quite a bit further on, behind a hedgerow there were deer tracks, several of them. I have never seen deer there but I only go in daylight. Everywhere there are the tracks of the numerous pheasants that scatter the landscape. The pond half way along the walk is always pretty but the dark bull rushes were in stark contrast to the snow and it looked striking.

I returned via Goodmanham, a pleasant village with a lovely church. There is also a wonderful pub there and even on a weekday lunch time in cold weather it was pretty full. The fact that they also brew their own very good beer might explain it. My friend and I stopped for a quick half before returning home. It had to be fairly quick as the dogs, in the back of the car wished to shout at everyone who ventured past. On another day I drove into York and discovered just how expensive it is to park there during the day. I was comforted by an excellent snack in a café and decided it was probably worth it!

On another day I needed to tour round and take photos of various things for a project I have in mind. I passed by the wind farm at Sancton, another village where there is a beautiful church. The back lanes were still very icy and I had a couple of interesting moments driving the car, which fortunately had four wheel drive. The weather and scenery combined to make it a fascinating trip. I was in Market Weighton on Saturday morning and was quite astounded at the number, variety and friendliness of dogs being taken out by their owners. I met some lovely people too.

I got a virus on my computer this week which fortunately a young friend was able to get rid of for me. I am utterly unable to comprehend the mentality of someone who, apparently just for fun, causes so much worry and distress to innocent people who they do not even know. If there was some monetary gain there would be a point to it, but I eventually after some quite unpleasant thoughts on my part, put it down to sheer nastiness and too much time to waste on their part. Woe betide the creators of such viruses if I ever catch up with them!