Wolds Diary: Grateful for nature’s beauty as the garden hogs my attention

Driffield: A pleasant talk in a town that is always a favourite to visit.  Pic: Pam Stanforth
Driffield: A pleasant talk in a town that is always a favourite to visit. Pic: Pam Stanforth
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EVERYWHERE I go I see summer knocking on the door.

Yes, it is still a little chilly at night but the horse chestnut trees have their magnificent blossoms on display and this week I have watched the sparrows coming to my bird feeders with their young and stuffing the little ones with food.

From the look if it they have had good clutches which have produced at least four from each couple of nesting birds. Then the young blackbirds started to arrive. If I thought the birds could eat before, I had no idea just how much until the blackbirds swooped in.

I have been busy in the garden planting climbers, mainly clematis, where I’m clearing a huge bramble ridden hedge at the back of the garden. I filled my green waste bin to the brim this week and will do so for the next couple of weeks.

There were many old dead trunks of bushes and trees and these had to be pulled out. I eventually managed to saw them into firewood size pieces and donated them in five large bags to friends who have a log burning fire - something I do not.

My lodger was mowing the lawn for me and I was busy chopping up the huge pile of brambles when one of my dogs, Looroll, emerged in the garden and sat a little way from the others. Initially I thought she had a toy but when I looked properly I saw that she had helped herself to my large, fresh and delicious loaf of bread that I thought I’d left on the side out of her reach.

By this time, of course, it was too late to retrieve it. When I fed all the dogs a bit later she, as usual, wolfed her meal down and then lay almost comatose on the settee, full to bursting point, and snored happily for the next couple of hours.

Another of my dogs, Brock, is inclined to try to bark dire warnings to the two cairn terriers who live on the other side of the fence which had a small gap in. I filled this with cement and stones and then secured the whole area to stop her having barking matches with them. I should have known better, of course. Now she just barks at the stout barricade I have placed there.

I finally conquered the vegetable patch and there are peas, beans and other plants growing. I’ve had to barricade that from the dogs as well. It may look a bit odd but it is effective; for the time being, anyway.

My lodger goes to church at the Holme Christian Fellowship, who have a furniture store to help the less fortunate in Yorkshire and further afield in Romania. They willingly accept unwanted items and sell them to raise money for their cause. I was there a while ago and saw two box shaped pouffes which double as sewing boxes so I snapped them up. They arrived this week and I was able to donate an arm chair that had been in my bedroom. This prompted a thorough clean and reorganization of my room, which was well overdue. I also put up some more pictures and dusted those already up. All this activity has made me realize I must be feeling a lot better.

I had a really pleasant afternoon this week. I had been asked to speak to the Pensioners Action group in the Community Centre at Driffield. I like Driffield and go there quite often. I arrived a bit early and did some much needed shopping and then at the group found them to be a very warm and appreciative audience who laughed willingly and were just so interesting.

Afterwards I went to a local store and found loads of items I just couldn’t live without and got home after a good day.

The dogs and I had a great long walk the next morning. The weather was fine and I spent a good three hours up on the top of the Wolds thanking God for such beauty. White fluffy clouds decorated a brilliant blue sky as everything was coming into bloom or foliage.

I feel at peace at such times and it is what I generally deem to be my thinking time.

On another day I had to go up to Monks Cross shopping centre outside York. I needed specialist items from a store there. I visited several other shops while I was there, and got some very good bargains.