Wolds Diary: Hilarious dog tales before singing renders me speechless

Favourite: Driffield Show proved a success with crowds flocking to the event.  Picture:  MICHAEL S. HOPPS
Favourite: Driffield Show proved a success with crowds flocking to the event. Picture: MICHAEL S. HOPPS
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WE HAD a lovely service at church last Sunday. Our choir sang and the whole day seemed to reflect the tranquillity of the service, in which the sermon was based on the feeding of the 5,000.

Once home I pottered in the garden, and the dogs assembled and assured me they needed feeding and could eat just as much as any 5,000 from the past!

Of course I gave them a special meal and after a brief walk they lay replete in the shade of one of the fruit trees, until I adjourned to the house. It was one of those lovely days of no great excitement but idyllic tranquillity.

The Monday was quite a contrast and I dashed around doing shopping, getting petrol and doing necessary tasks for the week ahead. In the evening it was the last rehearsal for a month or so with the Pocklington Singers.

A great friend of mine came over from the Dales on Tuesday. I met her off the bus and we had a look around Pocklington, before we took the dogs for one of their favourite walks upon Millington Ridge. Here we stopped and admired the fantastic view over the Vale of York. Once the dogs were happily back in the car, and Brillo was revelling in being on my friend’s lap in the front seat (a special treat), we went for a drive around the area. My friend is hoping to move here when she’s sold her place in the Dales. She wishes to be a little nearer the facilities of a town.

Once home, we had a meal and I gave her some salad from my garden to take home. I drove her into York where she got the train, and I was so glad she’d enjoyed the day.

The following day it was Driffield Show. I’ve been to many shows over the years, and this has to rank as one of the best. I set off in what I thought was plenty of time and even got to within five miles of the showground before joining the slow moving queue of traffic. The parking is very well organized and before too long I was happily heading across the ground to the stall where I was helping for the day. As there were plenty on hand, I also got to look round a lot of the show, when friends from Scarborough met me, and we had a cup of coffee together at the WI tent.

I visited the County Council tent where, on completion of a survey, I was given a green bag for garden waste which will help a lot with my gardening. The only down side to the event was the obviously drunk man, clutching a toddler, who decided to scream abuse at one of the stalls, whose political opinions he apparently does not like.

Later I watched the dogs chasing an artificial hare in one of the arenas. A small poodle had the audience in stitches and then a variety of dogs displayed an assortment of abilities and attitudes to the task. One hid behind its owner’s legs; a German Shepherd landed on the hare and flattened it, and a Patterdale chased with great determination until finally succeeding and catching it. Several other dogs tried to keep up; it was hilarious.

When I got home I walked the dogs and then it was time to go to a Parochial Church Council Meeting. There were serious financial matters to discuss so when I finally got back I was exhausted.

The next evening I accompanied friends to the rehearsal at St Luke’s Church, York, for the York Prom.

I wish I could be in the performance on October 3 and am glad the tickets are selling well. It will be held at the Barbican.

The next day I had no voice and a nasty summer cold. I helped my neighbour, who is renovating the bungalow next door, by taking some things down to our council tip for him and later took a second trip there with some rubbish of my own. I managed a bit more gardening before finally admitting defeat and going inside to have a rest.

The next day I went to a friend’s house. She’d had her five beautiful alpacas clipped and generously gave me their fleeces as she knew I would put them to good use.

The animals are is prime condition and very well cared for, and I will enjoy spinning their fleeces.