Wolds Diary: Songs and swans keep me on my toes

Hull Guildhall
Hull Guildhall
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LAST WEEKEND I went to a concert in Hull at the Guildhall there. It was a premises I’ve never visited before and I have to admit I’d never been to the Old Town either.

My lodger plays trumpet in the Humberside Police Concert Band and so I needed to get him there at least an hour early. Having delivered him, I had a look round the city. I explored some of the delightful old streets before arriving at a real piece of history Ye Olde White Harte. This wonderful old inn is fascinating and I was made welcome and managed to obtain a history of the place while I was there. Not only does the inn play a vital role in history it seems to be full of ghosts but I can’t say I saw any.

Heading back to the Guildhall, the concert was in honour of the late John G Lewis who was their conductor and leader for many years. It maintained the high standards I’ve come to expect and I really enjoyed it.

The next morning we had a choir of 16 at church and we sang three anthems to augment the service, as we do once a month. We are about to lose our lovely curate who is shortly to become a vicar in Redcar. She will be sadly missed.

After a somewhat musical weekend I had to bounce back into the every day world on the Monday.

I took the dogs back to the new walk I’d found and this time wandered further along a path at the side of a huge field and below a wood. I identified a very interesting ancient earthwork (according to my map) but I feel it might once have been a stone circle. I must have walked for a good three hours and by the time we got home the dogs and I were pretty tired. My house was silent for the rest of the day.

On another morning I dropped my lodger off for a job interview and took the dogs to Pocklington canal.

We hadn’t gone far when Brock (the staffie) noticed a fully grown cygnet swimming gracefully in the canal. She decided it was a threat and rushed towards the bird who hissed at her. Brock wasn’t intimidated by this at all and rushed across the bank onto that shiny expanse between her and the bird, and sank from view into the cold water, re-emerging spluttering and hastily getting back to safety. The swan glided gracefully on.

My lodger got the job and was on his way home from it on his motorbike a few days later when a car pulled across his path. He fell off the bike and the car driver drove off. Thankfully my lodger was slightly bruised but not really injured.