Wolds Diary: A visit to the show is just the ticket

Although my week has not been quite as hectic as the previous one, I have nevertheless been busy. A friend rang me on Monday to say she had been feeling rather dizzy, and did not trust herself to drive and she needed to go shopping. It was a sensible move on her part, so I went and fetched her and took her shopping. Later that evening she wanted to go to our little get together. Even though we are not really active until September, we like to keep in touch. I picked her up and six of us went to our usual hostelry where we were having a pleasant chinwag when a drunk man started trying to interrupt our conversation. We politely told him we would prefer to be left alone. This didn't actually help much; he just became very unpleasant. We tried ignoring him. That didn't work either so we downed our drinks and moved off to another pub.

Sue Woodcock visited Driffield Show.

The evening I had been invited to speak to the Inner Wheel Club at a charming hotel in Clifton, York. They have a charming garden there and I supped a coffee in tranquillity until the group arrived, and the talk went very well.

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Wednesday was my day, and I was determined to enjoy it. I picked up a friend and we headed off to Driffield, to the Show. It is really a wonderful event and I look forward to it. I had saved a bit of money and enjoyed spending it on cheese, salmon, gin, and many other delicacies. Then we listened to the Driffield Brass band, they were very good. After very welcome offers of hospitality, at various commercial outlets, we found the horses, to my friend’s delight. She particularly enjoyed a display by some of them. I had acquired quite a few free pens which will keep me going all year, and laden with goodies we made a trip back to the car to unload and having done so, headed back, and watched a dog display before getting to the beautiful sheep. I have always liked the Castle Milk Moorit sheep and indeed had some many years ago. All the sheep looked in splendid condition. Then we moved on to the pigs, equally lovely, and I particularly liked the Middle White, not often seen these days. The weather was hot and sultry and we expected rain but it held back, thankfully. By 3pm we were very warm, very tired, and ready for home. I had also acquired a large toy sheep which I had been wandering around with under my arm for over an hour. Once back at my friend’s we had a brew and divided the spoils. I got back in time to take the dogs out for a short walk.

I spent Friday cleaning the house as I am expecting visitors next week. On Saturday, I popped into Pocklington to drop off some things at a charity shop, and do a little last-minute shop before heading off to score for the cricket. There was a particularly silly group of teenagers showing off, riding their bikes with disregard for other traffic.

I had a great afternoon in the company of Graham, his wife Sue, and their wonderful golden Labrador, Baxter, who were scoring for Selby. I wish my dogs were as well behaved!