YP Letters: Help to keep countryside free from fracking

From: Wendy Cross, Beverley.

Fracking demonstrators outside County Hall. Northallerton.

I KNOW that many of your readers are opposed to the onshore exploration for oil and gas, especially where it entails the earth being fracked to release the products. They believe that for the sake of future generations, threatened as we are with an ever-warming climate, renewable energy is the way to go.

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Since the recent High Court judgement, the fracking process is likely to reach us very soon here in beautiful North Yorkshire. The scenery will then comprise thousands of well-heads and drilling plant; we must come out in our hundreds to oppose it.

Instead of wringing our hands about losing our scenic acres, we can actively support the villagers and friends of Kirby Misperton at the protection camp between Malton and Pickering. They are working to safeguard the countryside and, even more importantly, to protect our health and safety.

Visitors are most welcome and can help the protectors in whatever way suits e.g. by donating milk, tins of meat and other savoury items which can be stored. Like many of your readers, I am a pensioner. I have found that being involved in this cause, even in small ways, brings huge benefits to me, as well as helping to keep Yorkshire (and the rest of the UK) frack-free.