YP Letters: Hold authorities to account to break the grip of fossil fuels

From: Margaret McSherry, Wenningdale Action Network, Bentham, North Yorkshire.

Fracking opponents outside North Yorkshire County Council.
Fracking opponents outside North Yorkshire County Council.

ALL around the world we see areas of conflict and we fear the action and reaction of some heads of states.

At the same time we hear the predictions of climate scientists about what will happen if we don’t reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

What can we do? Sometimes it feels as though we are completely impotent and unable to influence what is happening.

But we can. We can make an impact.In May we have an opportunity to participate in local elections, and in particular in the election of the councillors who make up North Yorkshire County Council.

I would like to suggest two issues which you could become involved in by asking questions of candidates and in particular councillors that are seeking re-election.

The council has backed plans that go against the agreement in Paris in 2015 at the UN Climate Conference of which the UK is a signatory. If all the fossil fuels that are already accounted for are used there would be an increase in the temperature of the earth that would create such damage we would not be able to recognise the world in which we live.

Ask why have the councillors given permission for shale gas (a fossil fuel) extraction to take place in North Yorkshire? If we look at the stocks and shares we can see that fossil fuels are not secure investment for the future and will not help sustainability in the UK. Ask why does the pension fund of North Yorkshire County Council have considerable investments in the fossil fuel industry?

How can we change this? First of all question the story we are being told and become involved, make your voices heard, and vote.

From: Barry Sheerman, Labour MP for Huddersfield.

CLIMATE change is the biggest threat facing humanity and we now know that the vast majority of fossil fuel reserves need to stay in the ground to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Divesting the MPs’ Pension Fund from fossil fuels is one way we can help reduce the power and influence of the fossil fuel industry and speed up the transition to renewable energy.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

NORTH Yorkshire’s fracking objectors seem to have much in common with EU Remoaners and the Scottish Nationalists – they keep wanting votes rerun until they get the result they want. Just saying...