YP Letters: No excuse for abusive comments on fracking

From: Michael Farman, Willow Grove, Beverley.

Anti-fracking protesters at Kirby Misperton.

APPARENTLY, as a result of her recent letters, Lorraine Allanson (The Yorkshire Post, February 2) has received some abuse and insults from a few who oppose her views on fracking.

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Ms Allanson is entitled to express her opinions without fear of abuse. That kind of response should have no place in civilised discussion. So may I apologise to her on behalf of the majority of people opposed to fracking who believe in polite democratic discussion, and gently suggest that she would benefit from reading some of the many peer-reviewed papers that clearly warn of the dangers from shale exploration. But may she continue to express her current opinions in this, and other journals, because their lack of reasoned argument can only help the cause of those opposed.

From: Wendy Cross, Beverley.

TEACHERS would give Lorraine Allanson full marks for a well-constructed letter. It reads like an advert for the oil and gas industry itself. However, it is no less than a tragedy that she misses the fundamental point: fracking is proven to be unsafe. The dangers will mean destruction of more than Ryedale’s tourism, which seems to be Ms Allanson’s bread and butter.