YP Letters: No need for fracking when alternatives exist

From: Josie Downs, York & Ryedale Friends of the Earth, Highfield Terrace, Swinton, Malton.

IN no country in the world can it be said that fracking for oil and gas has gone well for local communities close to the sites.

Certain countries and states have banned it. The most recent example is the state of Victoria in Australia where it proved too damaging to continue. It was stated there that for every 10 jobs created by fracking 18 were lost in agriculture because of it.

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With plenty of evidence from abroad to draw on, it would be unwise for the UK to embark on this problematic and unpopular industry. Instead, without further delay, we need to make much greater use of renewables and make changes to create a more efficient distribution network using new technology.

Studies show that these changes are entirely feasible in order to meet our future energy needs.

We also need to make our buildings work better for energy efficiency and use appliances that are more energy efficient.

There is really no justification for making a pincushion out of Yorkshire and Lancashire risking water and air pollution, spoiling the countryside, using copious quantities of water and causing extra heavy lorry traffic.

Feasible alternatives are now available.