Ex-boss of Leeds Indian restaurant who 'chose to ignore the law' is fined

A  FORMER Leeds Indian restaurant boss who "chose to ignore the law" has been fined for not paying a security bond after missing tax payments.

Mumtaz Leeds on Chadwich Street.
Mumtaz Leeds on Chadwich Street.

Rabnawaz Khan Akbar, 46, who previously ran Mumtaz Leeds Ltd, on Chadwick Street, continued trading in 2017 after failing to pay security bonds totalling £73,448 to HM

Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to safeguard payment of VAT, income tax and National Insurance contributions.

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Akbar, of Greycourt Close, Bradford, was ordered to pay the bond after he regularly failed to pay VAT, Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions on time.

He was warned by HMRC if he did not pay, the business could no longer supply taxable goods or services.

HMRC served Akbar with notices of requirement to provide a VAT security of £62,197.43 and a PAYE security of £11,251.

He failed to pay the money but continued to trade.

Akbar admitted trading while the bonds remained unpaid at Leeds Magistrates’ Court and was fined £1,962.

Mumtaz Leeds Ltd also received a fine of £6,000. The fine is a compensation payment to HMRC.

HMRC can ask for a cash deposit or bond when there is a risk tax will not be paid on time. The security can be kept if the tax is not paid.

An HMRC spokesperson said: “Akbar chose to ignore the law even though he was given numerous opportunities to continue to trade legitimately and now he is paying the price.

“HMRC can require businesses with a history of ignoring their tax obligations to pay a bond to protect future tax revenue. It is only right that we tackle those businesses who fail to play

by the rules by taking such action.”