Ex-Leeds student launches money saving blog after clearing £15,000 debt

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A FORMER Leeds student who resorted to pay day loans after racking up around £15,000 of debt is now solvent – and working in financial services for one of his previous creditors.

Glen Hodgson, 33, was tempted by countless offers of overdrafts, credit cards, hire purchase and loans while studying for a business degree at the former Leeds Metropolitan University.

Mr Hodgson, of Pudsey, completely lost track of his debts – which didn’t include any of his student loans – after they were sold to other companies.

He turned to high interest monthly payday loans while working in lower paid jobs after graduating from university.

At the age of 23, Mr Hodgson sought financial advice from debt charity Stepchange, who advised him on repayment plans, which he stuck to and was debt-free within four years.

Mr Hodgson, is now a married father-of-one and has recently bought his first house. He is working for one of his previous creditors in the financial services sector

He said: “I minimised every outgoing I could - I moved home, stopped luxuries like my extensive social life and pay TV amongst other things.”

He added: “The hardest step is the first step and, whilst obstacles will appear, be honest with creditors because if they don’t know the reason you’re not paying - this is often where the cycle can fall apart”.

“I’ve stared my own money saving blog called Utilities or Liberties on Facebook, the aim being to track my own household savings and would love this to help others.

If you’re someone who needs to find better value on bills, feel free to have a read. Should you be able to support this venture, please get in touch.”