Explosives found on truck at Swedish nuclear power station

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Sweden has raised the security alert for its nuclear power stations after explosives were found on a truck at the south-western Ringhals plant.

Police said they were investigating the incident as possible sabotage. Bomb sniffer dogs detected the explosives during a routine check by security staff at an industrial area within the power plant’s enclosure. Police declined to describe the amount or type of explosive material.

Four reactors are sited at Ringhals, 70 kilometres (45 miles) south of Sweden’s second-largest city, Gothenburg. The plant is controlled by energy companies Vattenfall and E.ON.

Bomb technicians said the material lacked an ignition device, meaning there was no danger of an explosion.

Police spokesman Tommy Nyman said officers were investigating possible sabotage but had no suspects. He said the driver of the truck had been unaware of the explosives and was not suspected of being involved.

Ringhals officials said an explosion on the lorry would not have caused “any serious damage” to the site.