Extra patrols in crackdown by city noise team

A SHAKE-UP of the Leeds noise nuisance team has introduced extra patrols.

Changes to how the team is organised mean a round-the-clock, rapid-response system is now clamping down on night-time rowdiness at no extra cost, says Leeds Council.

Uniformed mobile patrols are on standby to tackle disturbances and their increased mobility means they can react as soon as possible to restore peace to neighbourhoods across the city.

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Extra night patrols out in the city have been introduced and noise nuisance officers are working more closely with community safety teams.

Reports of excessive noise causing disturbances across the city will be able to be dealt with far more rapidly by the two teams of easily identifiable officers in high-visibility jackets as they can reach the scene more quickly.

Leeds Council’s executive member for environmental services, Mark Dobson, said: “The whole purpose of having a noise nuisance service is to stop distress caused to residents by tackling the rowdy behaviour as soon as possible.

“Leeds City Council, like many other councils across the country, is having to make severe cuts yet we still have one of the largest cities in the country to run. It’s our responsibility to get the best for our residents within these limits and we’ve managed to improve this service without spending any extra money.”

While no extra money has been put into the noise service, the way it is run and staffed has been shaken up to ensure that disturbances which disturb residents’ sleep and the city’s peace can be targeted as soon as possible.

Anyone wishing to report excessive noise disturbance should contact the council on 0113 222 4406 during the day or 0113 242 5841 at night.

The council has warned residents that although there will be more focused attention on people’s calls, no cash is available for extra staff so some peak times may prove busy.