Fairer and faster

IT is impossible to calculate the damage that has been done by the politically correct thinking which has been allowed to gum up the workings of Britain’s adoption service for far too long.

The belief that a black child should only be adopted by a black family, for example, has seen children languish in care while social workers searched in vain for parents that would tick the right boxes. Meanwhile, prospective parents were ignored, in spite of the fact that they were offering loving, stable homes and were effectively crying out for children to adopt regardless of what colour they were.

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It is to the Government’s credit that it is moving swiftly to end this unofficial system of apartheid which has bedevilled the adoption system, caused needless heartbreak and frustration and, in all likelihood, further damaged the very children that it was supposed to be helping.

Indeed, according to the Prime Minister, righting this injustice is the most urgent task that the Government faces. It can therefore be anticipated that the necessary legislation will be brought before Parliament at the earliest opportunity – particularly as the gauleiters of political correctness who dominate too many social services departments are reportedly showing no inclination to follow the new guidelines that have already been introduced.

And, although the fact that David Cameron is once again rushing to identify himself with a popular cause raises the question as to why he cannot seem to trust his Ministers to see such matters through, at least it will be clear who is to blame should this urgent reform suffer any unnecessary delays.