Family enjoys barbecue cooked on tombstone in Yorkshire church cemetery

A photograph has emerged which appears to show a family holding a barbecue on a tombstone in a graveyard near Leeds.

A barbecue was held on a tombstone
A barbecue was held on a tombstone

An astonished reader shared these photos of the scene at a local church in Otley after taking a shortcut through the grounds following the Otley Food and Drink Festival at the weekend.

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"Imagine the surprise to find three adults with about seven children enjoying a barbecue.

"The cooking was being done on the raised tomb stone."

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He went on to say that his wife challenged the graveyard BBQ party, but to little avail.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, added: "My wife remonstrated with the men. The 'Chef' patronisingly said 'Thank you for you input, I've taken note.'

"So I took a photograph! Over trots the guy in blue and demands I delete the photographs.

"In any case I was taking photos of him barbecuing on a tomb in sacred ground!"