Family thank police who saved heart attack victim

THE family of a man who collapsed in a bus station after suffering a heart attack have thanked two West Yorkshire police officers for saving his life.

John Taylor collapsed in Todmorden bus station on October 9 while neighbourhood policing officers Lisa McDonald and Ash Hussain were on patrol.

When the Pcs discovered the 58 year old not breathing they placed him in the recovery position and administered first aid.

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Paramedics said that Mr Taylor had suffered a heart attack and collapsed into a position that stopped him from breathing.

They confirmed that the quick actions of the two officers saved his life.

Following the incident Mr Taylor is recovering in hospital awaiting surgery to repair a valve in his heart.

His wife Susan, son Graeme, and brother-in-law Michael Clarkson visited the Pcs on Friday to thank them.

Mrs Taylor said: “The two officers were absolutely marvellous. They spotted John and went straight to him, and if they hadn’t done what they did I don’t think he’d be here today. They really saved the day.”

Sergeant Shaun Daniel said: “Lisa and Ash acted quickly and crucially to save Mr Taylor’s life, and thankfully he is recovering in hospital. It was a lovely gesture from Mr Taylor’s family to visit the NPT and thank them both for their help, and we wish them all the best as he recovers.”