Famous comedian and author Rosie Wilby is coming to Leeds tonight to talk about monogamy and modern relationships

The famous comedian will be at Hyde Park Book Club as part of the feminist comedy club this evening.

Rosie Wilby.

"Is Monogamy Dead?" is the singular question being posed in Leeds this month.

Yorkshire educated comedian, author, and broadcaster Rosie Wilby's April 16 show is based on her popular book of the same name.

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Hyde Park Book Club hosts socialist feminist comedy club Lolshevism featuring stand-up and book signings.

The event, tackling the subject of traditional marriage, relationship status, polygamy follows her solo comedy shows about modern love that spanned seven years of research, writing and touring.

Rosie felt the main topic of fidelity was too big and, keen to explore the subject further, started writing articles and produced TEDx talk on the matter.

“The book really follows my personal quest to find answers about how we should be adapting our approach to love in the modern era of Tinder and ghosting.

"It's written in a narrative style with mini-cliffhangers at the end of chapters, as opposed to a typical nonfiction structure,” she explained.

“I conducted a survey as part of my research asking 'what counts as infidelity?' and results revealed our ideas of what monogamy is actually vary wildly from person to person.”

“We constantly need to update our language around love. The polyamorous community are doing this really well. If you feel that you've reached your threshold of partners, you can say that you're 'polysaturated'!" added the former York University student who regularly holidayed in Scarborough.