Far-Right candidate in protest arrest

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The National Front’s candidate for mayor of Liverpool has been charged with breaching the Public Order Act.

Peter Tierney, who is on today’s ballot paper for the directly-elected post, was arrested outside Liverpool Crown Court for breaching a Section 14 notice.

Tierney, 55, of High Street, Hale, Cheshire, allegedly refused to comply with an order specifying where protesters can gather.

It comes after British National Party candidate Mike Whitby was arrested on Monday over allegations that signatures on his nomination papers were faked.

A Liverpool City Council spokesman said the charge would not affect Tierney’s eligibility to stand tomorrow. He said: “Only people who have been in prison for three months or more for five years before the election are barred from standing.”

Karen Otty, 38, of Sleepers Hill, Anfield, Phillip Mariott, 54, of Rangemore Road, Allerton, and Andrew Tierney, 46, of Oakfield Grove, Huyton, were also charged with breaching the Section 14 notice. They will all appear together before magistrates on May 24.