Farmer ditches chocolate habit to shift 12 stone

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A FARMER who has shed 12 stone in nine months said he had achieved his goal by cutting out his habit of ploughing through giant chocolate bars and takeaways.

Neil Rogers, 35, who used to weigh 28st 13lb, decided on drastic action after running out of breath playing with his young children.

He enrolled in a slimming club, turned his back on junk food and began a regime which he said included a healthy diet and gentle exercise.

Mr Rogers who has a farm in High Bradfield, Sheffield, said: “I’ve always been built big but in the past three years it got a bit out of control.

“I’ve had a lot of stress and I turned to food for comfort. My wife was in hospital and I started getting takeaways and junk food as the easy option.

“I am still comparatively young but I couldn’t play with my children because after a few minutes I was totally exhausted. I was out of breath and I knew it couldn’t go on.

“My eldest daughter is a keen runner and I am keeping up with her for the first time.

”I still allow myself an English breakfast but there is no way I will take up my old eating habits again.”